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TAF accredited CABs (Laboratory, PTP and RMP) shall file a change application for the change of quality manager within 15 days the change occurred.

  1. Accredited CAB (Including laboratory, PTP and RMP)’s quality manager is managed and assigned by the organization, TAF assesses the quality manager during assessment activities. Quality manager is one of the key personnel of the accredited organization, to assure accredited CAB complies with relevant requirements, TAF published TAF-CNLA-A10(10), TAF-PTP-A01(5) and TAF-RMP-A01(5) requesting when there is change in quality manager, a change application shall be filed.
  2. Starting from July 10, 2017 accredited CAB (Including laboratory, PTP and RMP) shall take notice of the following:

1) Within 15 days change occurred, file a change application by TAF information system, and attach all information to support the competence of the replaced personnel

2) TAF will base on the case, to give a document review or onsite assessment.

3) Accredited CAB does not follow this procedure to file a change application, will affect its accreditation status.

  1. Please contact case process personnel for further information.