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Impartiality Policy

  1. TAF is dedicated to providing accreditation services against various requirements in an impartial, independent and transparent manner.
  2. TAF attaches great importance to any possible conflict of interest arising from accreditation activities and actively ensures the objectivity of accreditation activities.
  3. TAF has developed its various policies, processes and procedures to ensure that its various accreditation services are free from any discrimination and are available to the public.
  4. TAF does not provide any services that may unduly influence or prejudice impartiality, including consultation service and conformity assessment activities offered by conformity assessment bodies.
  5. The personnel who take part in accreditation activities of TAF shall declare that they shall be free from any undue commercial, financial or other pressures that could compromise impartiality, and promise to disclose any potential conflict of interest whenever it may arise.
  6. TAF continues to ensure and comply with this impartiality policy through internal audits, management reviews and risk management procedures.