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ISO/IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Body

Potential Applicant

Legal organization(hereinafter referred to as “personnel certification body”), which provides certification services on the professional competence of personnel, may apply to TAF for accreditation. The personnel certification body implements effective management on specific subjects related to the professions, occupations, or skills and abide by the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), national and international professional associations.

The personnel certification body must be legally registered in domestic and can be government agencies, private companies, or organizations (guilds, societies, or associations), etc. Under special conditions, foreign organization can apply for accreditation.


  1. TAF provides accreditation service, but not certification service. That is, TAF does not issue documents on the professional competence of personnel.
  2. The certificates of completion of studies or proof of examination results obtained from professional training provider are not subject to the accreditation of the personnel certification bodies.
  3. The certification services provided by the legal personnel certification body must be of the nature of third-party service.
  4. The operation of the legal personnel certification body must comply with relevant domestic laws and regulations.

Introduction of the Scheme

The accreditation scheme for the personnel certification body is based on the regulated personnel certification documents by the personnel certification body. The TAF accreditation scheme has no limitations in this regard.

Note: TAF, in the accreditation process, reviews the materials including the regulated documents related to personnel certification and others.

Accreditation Benefits

TAF provides third-party accreditation services in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17011 and the principles of "impartiality", "independence", and "transparency."

TAF is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and has joined the Multilateral/Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MLA/ MRA).

TAF is in close cooperation with government agencies in providing accreditation services. The accreditation results have been widely recognized and used by government agencies or private enterprises, such as the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection of MOEA, and the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan.

Personnel certification body that are accredited by TAF enjoys the following benefits:

  • TAF-accredited personnel certification body is ensured in compliance with international standards and their competence.
  • TAF-accredited personnel certification body demonstrates its independence, impartiality and consistency in its operations.
  • TAF-accredited personnel certification body is recognized by domestic and foreign government agencies and markets.
  • Clients of TAF-accredited personnel certification body are saved of the time and cost of repeated certification/auditing.
  • The documents issued by TAF-accredited personnel certification body, such as certification letters, are internationally recognized, as TAF has entered into multilateral recognition agreements with the Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)

Regulatory documents

The regulatory documents, serving as basis of the accreditation services of personnel certification body include ISO standards, IAF resolutions and mandatory documents, and government regulations. Also included are the operational documents compiled by TAF, such as manuals, accreditation notifications, etc.

The regulatory documents of accreditation for various certifications are mainly based on the ISO/IEC 17024. For related details, please refer to the "List of Accreditation Criteria (TAF-AA-W07)".

Introduction of Specific Service Program


Introduction of the Application Codes

The accreditation item codes are designed based on the content of personnel certification services provided.

The application item codes are six digits. The first two digits of each program are as follows:

Code Domain/Certification Scheme Code Domain/Certification Scheme
01 LED Lighting Product Personnel Certification (CTCA-CS-01) 02 Non-destructive Testing Personnel Certification (by ISO 9712:2012)
03 Personnel Certification for Cathodic Corrosion Protection of Underground Metal Structures 04 Photovoltaic Module Personnel Certification (CTCA-CS-02)
05 Professional and Technical Personnel Certification of Playground    

For the coding details starting from the third digit of the application item code, please refer to the "Instruction of Accreditation Item Codes (TAF-AA-W08)".

Note: Please contact TAF if appropriate codes cannot be found.