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Application fees

TAF has the mission to develop national frameworks in compliance with international standards that meet the needs of the country, the industries and the regulations of the authorities. In order to maintain the operations and ensure impartial and transparent accreditation, all accreditation schemes are subject to service fees. The fee items include "application fee", "document review fee", "assessment fee", "transportation/accommodation fee", "annual fee" and "certificate fee", etc. The fee table may differ by the accreditation schemes and the types of cases. For example: the assessment fee is listed as NT$10,000/person-day. However, the actual calculation may be subject to change as the number of person-days arranged for different technical categories. Please refer to the relevant detailed fee table of the schemes.

  • For laboratories, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers, and health examination services, please refer to "Fees Schedule and Method of Payment (TAF-CNLA-C02)."
  • For management system certification bodies, product certification bodies, validation and verification bodies, personnel certification bodies, etc., please refer to "Fee Schedule for Accreditation of Certification Bodies (TAF-AA-C04)."