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Appeal and Complaint

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Appeal and Complaint

Definition of appeal:

request by a conformity assessment body for reconsideration of any adverse accreditation decision (such as: decision on granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing accreditation), and being dealt with for violation of the " Regulations on Rights and Obligations " related to its desired accreditation status.

Definition of complaint:

refers to expression of dissatisfaction comments that are not appeals, submitted to TAF, where a response is expected, by an individual or an organization, concerning TAF accreditation business or its related businesses, and administrative management or its related businesses (for example: TAF's general administrative operation, accreditation operation procedures, or conduct of the administrative personnel, or accreditation assessors...etc.), or concerning accredited conformity assessment body by TAF.

Appeal handling procedure:

  1. An appellant may formally file an appeal in writing within 30 days after receiving the TAF official notification of accreditation decision or after the occurrence of a matter.
  2. The appellant shall state the reasons for the appeal and submit a formal written document to TAF with relevant supporting documents; If the appeal is not accompanied with reasons or relevant supporting documents, or the time limit for appeal is exceeded, TAF will not accept it.
  3. After TAF confirms the acceptance of the appeal, TAF will inform the appellant in writing.
  4. The TAF Appeal Investigation Committee shall conduct investigation and hold an investigation meeting within 30 working days after the appeal is accepted.
  5. The TAF Appeal Investigation Committee may require the appellant to attend the investigation meeting (limited to three persons). If the appellant or his/her representative fails to attend the investigation meeting without due reason, the appeal investigation committee may ex officio investigate facts and directly reach a resolution.
  6. TAF will inform the appellant of the appeal decision in writing after reviewing the resolutions and suggestions of the Appeal Investigation Committee.
  7. During the period of appeal investigation, the validity of appealed accreditation decision of TAF shall not be affected. However, TAF accreditation assessment process may be suspended if necessary.
  8. If the appellant disagrees with the appeal decision, the appellant may submit a re-appeal limited to one more time within 10 days after receiving the appeal decision, stating the new reason in writing and attaching new specific evidence.

Complaint handling procedure:

  1. The complainant should submit a statement to TAF by fax, email, letter, or other written format, and provide TAF with the complainant's name, employer's name (if any), the person(s) involved in the complaint, the subject matter of the complaint, and contact information to which TAF may respond (such as email address, postal address, telephone number, and others); anonymous (including fictitious contact methods) or verbal complaints, or a complaint that is not accompanied by valid reasons or relevant evidence, will not be accepted.
  2. After receiving the complaint from the complainant, TAF shall confirm whether the complaint information meets the requirements of point 1 above, and inform the complainant that TAF has received the case.
  3. TAF will confirm the validity of the complaint within three working days and inform the complainant that the complaint has been accepted.
  4. TAF will complete the investigation within 30 working days after the complaint case is accepted and reply the investigation result to the complainant by letter.
  5. After the complainant files a complaint case, TAF responds with a letter of complaint handling results. Unless the complainant submits specific new evidence, TAF will not accept the complaint if the complainant repeatedly with similar content.