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POCT Management Unit

To elevate the quality and technical competence of the Point-of-care testing (POCT) Management Unit operating POCT activities, TAF provides impartial, objective, and independent third-party accreditation service to domestic medical institutions.

Applicants are advised to read the “Accreditation Service Manual for POCT Management Unit (TAF-POCT-A01)” to understand the relevant requirements and application procedures.

Please refer to "POCT Management Unit Accreditation Item Code Table (TAF-POCT-D01)" for details about the categories of POCT Management Unit accreditation service.

Regardless of the magnitude, all legally registered domestic POCT Management Units with operation licenses issued by the health regulatory authorities of Taiwan, can file applications for POCT Management Unit accreditation by the person in charge. The POCT Management Unit shall have designated technical personnel, use specific equipment in appropriate locations, perform POCT services based on the established management system, and issue reports.

Notes: ONLY the unit that is within the organization and meets the definition of “POCT Management Unit” described in the “Accreditation Service Manual for POCT Management Unit (TAF-POCT-A01)” can apply for TAF’s POCT Management Unit accreditation. TAF will consider accepting applications from other classifications of medical institutions based on the needs and development of POCT Management Unit accreditation.

The relevant documents for the POCT Management Unit accreditation service are available on the TAF official website.

For any further questions, please get in touch with our staff of the biological and medical division, Laboratory Accreditation Department II.