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ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Laboratory

Accreditation Application(Testing)

Clients (including manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and consumers) and authorities, in selecting and using the services of testing laboratories, would need to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results and reports provided by the testing laboratories.

The accreditation of laboratories is regarded as a method to evaluate the technical competence of laboratories in many countries. Abiding by the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025, TAF has established related accreditation common requirements (Type R documents), service manuals and service program (Type A documents), technical criteria (Type T documents), supplementary information/requirements (Type J documents), guideline/report (Type G documents), fees schedule and other instructions (Type C documents), and application forms (Type B documents). Professional technical assessors from all areas of industry, government, academia, and research are invited to be as third-party position for accreditation of testing laboratories to ensure the technical competence of the laboratories meet specific requirements. Testing laboratories accredited by TAF may use the TAF accreditation symbol on the issued test reports or certificates. The names and data of TAF-accredited testing laboratories are officially posted on the TAF website and constantly updated to provide the correct information to external users in time..

Based on technical categories, TAF provides various accreditation services required by testing laboratories which are including chemical, biological, ionizing radiation, forensic science, non-destructive, acoustics & vibration, heat & temperature, mechanical, optical, electrical, civil engineering, etc.

Before applying for accreditation, laboratories are advised to understand the test items and its domain that belong to and select the appropriate item code by referring to relevant documents, including the “Testing Field Accreditation Item Code Table (TAF-CNLA-D04)” and the “Civil Engineering Testing Field Accreditation Item Code Table (TAF-CNLA-D03)”. Relevant TAF documents also include "ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories(TAF-CNLA-R01)", "Accreditation Service Manual for Laboratories and Inspection Bodies (TAF-CNLA-A01)", "Fees Schedule and Method of Payment(TAF-CNLA-C02)”, and "TAF Regulations on Rights and Obligations (TAF-AR-10)”. Please refer to these materials to understand relevant TAF regulations and the application process to facilitate the accreditation. For any further questions, please contact the service personnel for the relevant services in TAF Laboratory Accreditation Departments I and II.