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The Foundation Issues ISO 50001:2018 Qualification Conversion Accreditation Certificate to the First Energy Management Accreditation Body.

From August 21, 2018, ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System Accreditation Standards (Energy Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use) has officially replaced the ISO 50001:2011 Standards. With regard to the revision, International Accreditation Forum (IAF) had formulated a 3-year transition period and relevant arrangement in the IAF Resolution 2017-14- Transitional Arrangements for the Revision of ISO 50001:2011.


In response to the transition period stipulated by IAF, TAF has published TAF-MS-L44 and formulated the ISO 50001:2018 Accreditation Requirement for Transition. All the accreditation bodies that have applied for, or obtained, the Energy Management System (EnMS) accreditation from TAF are required to complete the qualification conversion to ISO 50001:2018 accreditation standard 18 months (by February 29, 2020) after ISO 50001:2018 has been announced. In addition, all the bodies that have obtained ISO 50001:2011 accreditation from TAF need to fulfill the requirements of the new standards 3 years (by August 31, 2021) after ISO 50001:2018 has been announced.


From January 1, 2019, TAF processes the overall assessment including supervision and extension of EnMS accreditation body recognized TAF as well as the accreditation conversion assessment. After completing the overall assessment and evaluation by TAF and amending all the issues raised, the ones who pass the review can receive the accreditation certificate that has ISO 50001:2018 as the accreditation basis. SGS Taiwan Ltd has completed the overall assessment and evaluation, and passed the review on April 29, 2019, becoming the first EnMS accreditation body to obtain ISO 50001:2018 Qualification Conversion Accreditation Certificate from TAF.


In response to the frequent standard revision, TAF will regularly host accreditation body symposiums to explain to the accreditation bodies that are applying for, or have obtained, recognition from TAF on top of following the transition regulations stipulated by IAF. In addition, TAF will check on the revision progress of accreditation bodies to ensure that certification bodies, accreditation bodies and organizations can complete relevant revision during the transition period, satisfying market requirements and creating higher accreditation value.