Accreditation for management system certification

Accreditation for management system certification

公告日期: 2021/05/12

Department of Certification Bodies Accreditation (CBA)

1.Brief Introduction of  Department of Certification Bodies Accreditation (CBA)

The CBA sets up the accreditation plan to the certification bodies which is according to ISO/IEC 17011. All kinds of accreditation plan is stipulated for international standard, national standard, professional society standard or domestic and international regulation etc.. It is equally authentic that the certification bodies obtain accreditation from TAF and other foreign accreditation.

The scope of main accreditation as follow:

(1)Accreditation for management system certification - ISO/IEC 17021、ISO/TS 22003、ISO/IEC 27006

(2)Accreditation for product certification-ISO Guide 65/ ISO 17065

(3)Accreditation for personnel certification-ISO/IEC 17024

(4)Accreditation for Greenhouse Gas Validation &Verification-ISO 14065

In order to promote the accreditation business smoothly, TAF participates in international accreditation activities such as the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC).

TAF is also responsible for planning mid-term and long-term strategies and new development programs, establishing cooperation models with related authorities, maintaining IAF and PAC MLA, as well as cooperation with domestic and international accreditation bodies.

2.Brief Introduction of Accreditation Scope

(1) Accreditation for Management System Certification

  • Quality Management System(QMS)-ISO 9001 etc.
  • Environmental Management System(EMS)-ISO 14001 etc.
  • Information Security Management System(ISMS)-ISO 27001 etc.
  • Food Safety Management System(FSMS)-ISO 22000 etc.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System(OHSAS)-OHSAS 18001 etc.
  • Energy Management System(EnMS)-ISO 50001 etc.

(2) Accreditation for Product Certification

(3) Accreditation for Personnel Certification

(4) Accreditation for Greenhouse Gas Validation &Verification

  • Greenhouse gas-Part-1-ISO 14064-1
  • Greenhouse gas-Part-2-ISO 14064-2

3.Accreditation Procedure

  • Application for accreditation.
  • Document Review.
  • Appointment of assessment team.
  • Pre-assessment visit.
  • On-site assessment , including office assessment and witness assessment and defining nonconformities, if any.
  • Reviewing evidence of corrective actions.
  • Granting accreditation.
  • Annual surveillance visits.
  • Re-assessment

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