公告日期: 2021/05/12


The Ministry of Economic Affairs established Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) on September 17, 2003 by emerging Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation (CNLA) and Chinese National Accreditation Board (CNAB). TAF is founded to promote economic and social development, and provide impartial, objective and independent third party accreditation service in compliance with international standards.


To establish conformity assessment bodies accreditation schemes suit the country and the industries, as well as to develop a comprehensive and coherent conformity assessment accreditation system in Taiwan.

To encourage conformity assessment bodies in Taiwan to be accredited that conform with internationally agreed standards, and establish the assessment criteria of the quality and technical capacity of domestic conformity assessment bodies.

To maintain and make use of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement / Multilateral Recognition Arrangement of international organization for accreditation bodies, actively participate in international or regional accreditation events or host an international accreditation events, in order to ensure that the conformity assessment infrastructure in Taiwan meets internationally agreed standards, and that the results of testing, inspection and certification carried out by conformity assessment bodies are internationally recognized. As a means to facilitate trade, TAF aims to achieve “Accredited once, accepted everywhere.”

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